Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Movies and more movies

The past couple of days my wife and I have been watching many classic movies. It has been really fun, and while our count maybe only close to 8 now, who knows how many that would be in a year? I plan on reviewing some of the ones that really affected me somehow.

For instance, there's Strangers on a Train and Rear Window, both by Alfred Hitchcock. If you ever misplace your nail clipper, just rent any of these two movies and you'll bite your fingernails! Those two movies really kept me at the edge of my seat, or my bed to be exact.

The George Kaplan Film Society may end up giving my wife and I an encyclopedic knowledge of American cinema, and perhaps a few foreign ones here and there. So, forget IMDB, just check out the George Kaplam Film Society! Well, maybe not, but you'll certainly get more personal reviews from us, that's for sure.

I will soon be posting some movie reviews, so keep on reading!

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