Monday, November 8, 2010

The Google Story, part 1

I’ve been always fascinated by computers. What specifically fascinates me more about computers is the Internet, especially the World Wide Web. I got my first computer when I was around 15 years old, along with the eternally slow dial up. I remember that AOL was king back then, but there are some new kids on the block now.

If I didn’t hate math so much, I’d really think I would have come up with some cool and innovative new “thing” that would have changed the online world. That may sound a bit preposterous, and maybe even pretentious, but I really think I could have done something special. I really did spend a lot of time online early on in life. In my teenage years, I taught myself basic HTML and JavaScript. I created several web sites on the once popular Angelfire and they became pretty well known in their niche. There are many stories about those sites that slowly but surely I will share in this blog.

But most of all, you should know that I love writing. Combining my love for technology, ingenuity and writing, I plan on reviewing the following book: The Google Story, by David A. Vise and Mark Malseed.

What made Google so popular? Where did their catchy name come from? How do they make money?

These and many more questions are promised to be answered in the book. I plan on blogging on four or five chapters each time, just giving you the interesting details, the lessons learned and the answers to these and more questions.

So, tell your tech-loving friends about this blog, or better yet, tell them to google me.

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