Friday, November 19, 2010

God and George Kaplan

My wife and I started a film society. Yes we are the only two members, for now at least. After watching North by Northwest by Alfred Hitchcock, we came up with the name, The George Kaplan Film Society. Pretty fancy, eh?

After much celebration for our clever name, I went to work the next morning. Now, if you didn't know, I work in a library. Translation: a place where people use computers and check out DVDs. Sure, we have books, but those are seen as exotic bones in museums. You look, but you don't touch. I know, very sad.

Anyhow, the following morning, while I was thinking  of other Hitchcock movies to order, someone came in and returned two of his movies. It happened just as I was thinking about it! Now, you hippies may think the Universe was at work here. Unfortunately for you, the "Universe" does not think, it is just matter, energy, planets, etc.

So I started thinking. Does God want me to watch these movies? Well, I'm not sure if God is fond of Alfred Hitchcock, but I am sure that God is very fond of marriages. The film society is another way for my wife and I to enjoy our time together. It brings us closer as we laugh, ponder and even make little comments about the movies (Yes, I plugged in my own blog).

I believe that God can and will use anything to makes marriages flourish and grow. He is the creator of love and marriage. And God, not the universe, is in control of everything that happens. I mean, He created the universe. What's impossible for Him?

If you're observant, you will spot all these little "coincidences" that bring you closer to the will of God for your life. Just open your eyes.


  1. :) I love the way you think. God cares about the seemingly small things if it's going to bring people closer to Him. That's awesome! I love you!