Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Little comments, big ideas

Why should you read this blog instead of millions of others online?

There are two main reasons. One, I'm curious about many things. And I also love to write. For instance, I plan on reviewing books, such as The Google Story, and find out how and why that company became so popular. How did "google" become the synonym of "search."

I also plan to research some other silly things that randomly spark my interest, such as why don't the eggs from the store hatch into chickens?

Most of these random blog entries ideas have developed after conversations with my wife, who happens to have a very lovely blog and you should read it, too. So, I will not only write the facts, but also my observations and how these topics came about. This blog will include day to day musings, trips, experiences and everything else that makes life magical and alive.

So yeah, read on, and leave a little comment too. That's always nice.


  1. :) hehe, that IS always nice! I'm excited about this blog, honey! Also, you're welcome for the title idea. ;) I love you!

  2. Haha mi amor! Thank you for the blog title idea! I'm excited too! And I love you! :)