Saturday, April 30, 2011


I've always been in love with Paris. It's such a magical and enchanting city, or at least it's that way in my head, that I've often wanted to pack my bags and leave. I regret not going some years ago when I had the chance through college. Fortunately, my lovely wife has also a deep affection for the City of Light. Our dream is to go soon, and perhaps, one day live there for a while. Who knows?

Right now, I'm learning French. Through Podcast and books, I'm teaching myself French. So far so good. Of course, I'm only in the very beginning of my self-taught studies. I can greet you, ask how you are doing, and wish you a good day. Oh, I can also ask where you're from. It's a bit tricky, since the Podcast is completely separate from the lessons found in the book, so while I may know how to pronounce and ask certain things, I don't know how to spell them yet. Yet, being the key word.

I don't know why I love Paris so much. I think it has to do a lot because I'm a writer, because I have the soul of a poet, because I'm a romantic at the core. Recently, my wife and I discovered a lovely café in the middle of Coral Gables. We plan on going there once and a week. As I learn more French and feel more confident, I shall practice with the owners Torres Loïc et Dorothée, mes amis.

For now, in this random and personal blog, I may muse about my travels to this little part of France in the heart of Coral Gables.

Au revoir!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

How to always outbid others on eBay

I know, I haven't written on here in a bit. But here's something. Isn't it pretty cool when you outbid someone on eBay? After being outbid once, I decided that the next time I saw that iPod I liked, I was going to take it! So later on the same night, I closely watched an auction as it came near its end.

I already had the highest bid for most of the night, but with about a minute left, someone came in with a higher bid. Oh, I didn't panic, okay, maybe just a little, but I planned my strategy well. Having learned from my previous experience, I waited until about 14 seconds were left on the timer. Knowing that other potential bidders were doing the same thing, instead of just entering a dollar more (like most people would) I went for the win, I entered about 3 dollars more. And just like that, when none of those other people expected it, I got my iPod.

"I won!!" I yelled to my wife, who lovingly cheered me on.

It was awesome.