Monday, November 22, 2010

Facebook infidels

Rev. Cedric Miller, pastor of the Living Word Christian Fellowship Church in Neptune, has instructed his church officials to delete their Facebook profiles. The reason? According to him, the social networking site leads to infidelity.

He has counseled over 20 couples in his church, after a spouse connected with a former flame over Facebook. "The temptation is just too great," Miller stated. He said he will also strongly encourage his flock to do the same.

I disagree with the Reverend's approach. A cheating spouse will cheat whether on Facebook, or with someone at his or her job. Infidelity is not a matter of binary numbers, but a matter of the heart. If a person is not committed to their significant other, if a person takes their vows before God to mean nothing, then that's not a problem that is solved by going offline.

I would suggest that those spouses involved in adultery, or even flirting with the idea, should really examine their hearts. If they use Facebook for that purpose only, then yes, perhaps going offline would be a good first step. However, the most important step is getting your heart right with God. That's the most important thing any person can do.

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