Wednesday, December 1, 2010

The Israel/Elena Project

Okay, so I'm about to admit something that no man in the history of the world has admitted before, last night I saw Julie & Julia with my wife...and I really liked it! Perhaps it has to do with the fact that in a way, the movie is about writing. And very much of my liking is because of Meryl Streep's excellent acting!

Julia Childs seemed to be a very cool lady. She was always in a good mood and never let anything bring her down. She's like a giant care bear that you'd desperately want to hug because she smells really nice. Her marriage seemed to be very happy, despite the fact that she married kind of late in her life. Whenever she felt a bit down, her husband encouraged her and vice cersa. This reminds me a lot of my wife and I. We always support and encourage each other.

I love you honey!

After the movie, we watched a little part of "The French Chef" with Julia Childs. (Working in a library has many perks). And the real life Julia was just like the one Streep portrayed in the movie.

I really didn't like Julie Powell much. I wish the movie would have been more about Julia Childs. How about that Hollywood? How about making a movie on the life of Julia Childs? I would certainly go watch it on opening day!!

Bon Appetit!

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