Saturday, May 7, 2011

Why Boston teams are awful and why the Miami Heat are awesome

Lately, I've been watching the Miami Heat play the Boston Celtics. So far, the Heat are 2-1 in the series and I'm hoping that they beat those Celtics pronto! When I watch a basketball game, I get into it. I yell, I jump and I clap. It's quite a show I put on. This got me thinking of how much I hate Boston teams. I truly despise the Boston Red Sox. So yes, I'm a New York Yankees Fan.

I think that's where it all started, the old Yankees-Red Sox rivalry. In Cuba, I grew up watching and liking the Yankees play, illegally of course (American TV channels are banned). And then here in the states, my love for the Yankees continued and my hate for Boston increased.

And of course this wonderful love for sports teams of Miami and New York is something I hope to pass on to my children one day. It'd be so much fun to cheer together and of course, boo the opposing team!

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  1. It is quite the show you put on, dear. ;) Oh, and our kids will be Cubs fans.