Monday, May 23, 2011

A little direction

Thanks to the stats available by Google, I know that no one reads this blog. Of course, except for my lovely wife. You're awesome honey! And to the rest of you who will read this months from now, thank you.

"Little Comment," started as a blog filled with random ideas. Although I love random ideas, I like structure when writing, I like order. So I need to give this blog a direction. I also like to think that I'm funnier than what I am, so with that said, I will now tell you what this blog will be about.

In this blog I will write one liners, political satire, create characters, maybe even whole funny stories. I will also periodically update you with things to do in Miami. I wish I could do all the things I will alert you about, but if you get to go please share in the comments. I won't be jealous. Plus comments will alert me to the fact that maybe someone out there is reading this blog. So that's it for now! Come back soon!


  1. I read your blog! I'm your faithful reader. And I like the new direction you will be going with this blog! :) Love you mucho mucho!!

  2. Thank you honey! I love you mucho, mucho, también!! :)