Thursday, March 24, 2011

Michael Scott on Coffee in the Office

Hi there. Welcome to a series of things that Michael Gary Scott has taught me. Yes, the main character from The Office.

"Coffee is the great incentivizer in the office. It's a drug. It is quite literally a drug that speeds people up. It's not the only drug that speeds people up. You hear stories about Dunder Mifflin in the eighties before everybody knew how bad cocaine was. Guh. Man, did they move paper!" - Michael Scott

I'm Cuban by birth, so my veins are filled with sugar and coffee. Oh, and also with hatred for Communism. CafĂ© con leche, or coffee and milk is something that I'm used to drinking. Granted, I haven't had that awesome combination of substances in a bit, but I still love it.

I'm also used to having a "Colada," which is a shot of coffee. Of course, such shot of coffee is sweet. Cubans take their coffee sweet. I'm not a big fan of American coffee because it just tastes like boiling water to me. Sorry, honey, but you know that I love my sugar. Also honey, you are my sugar.

So what have I learned from Michael Scott? Well, it's a good idea to keep coffee around in the workplace. If someones' productivity is slowing down because they are tired, then some coffee, Cuban or American, will most certainly wake them up. You can also just splash their faces with coffee. It'll wake them up for sure.

Has Michael Scott taught you anything?


  1. Haha! Very nice, honey! Glad to see you updating this thing again. With a little more exposure to strong American coffee, you might like it gradually. ;)

  2. Thanks for the support honey! And about the coffee, I guess we'll have to see!